17-year-old Hacker And Two Friends Arrested for Stealing Electronic Material

17-year-old Hacker And Two Friends Arrested for Stealing Electronic Material

The group specialized in technological crimes of the Local Brigade of Judicial Police of Leganés has arrested three minors involved in a crime of computer fraud with which they have obtained an economic benefit of 1,670 euros, has reported the Superior Headquarters of the Police of Madrid. 

The 'modus operandi' used by the alleged perpetrators of the events consisted of accessing the management system of the affected company, to then modify the status of the orders, which they added to the virtual shopping basket, going from being 'pending payment 'to' paid ', all without paying the same. 

The investigation began as a result of the complaint filed by the manager of the affected corporation, upon detecting an unauthorized intrusion in his computer system in which products were being purchased, although the corresponding payment was not being made. 

As the fraudulent order had not yet been cancelled or delivered, the agents organized a device to carry out the "controlled delivery" of the order that allowed them to locate and identify. 

A total of ten agents participated in the operation and culminated in the arrest of three minors, who have already been handed over to the Leganés Juvenile Prosecutor's Office.


Among them was a well-known 17-year-old cybercriminal, who was already arrested in April by the National Police for breaching the security of numerous public and private, national and international entities, illegitimately accessing their servers, and then "claiming cybercrime using social networks ". 

This investigation began at the end of 2019 after the complaint of a leading international platform for the distribution of video-on-demand audiovisual content, which warned that in just three days, about 141,000 fraudulent accounts had been created to access the television service for 14 days. 

For the creation of these profiles, bank card numbers of fraudulent origin were provided that caused economic damage in the company of about 450,000 euros. The efforts made it possible to identify two profiles of a social network whose owner claimed the commission of the cyber scam, distributing the benefits of free access to the streaming video service among his followers.

 A few days later, a complaint was received from a bicycle rental company located in Madrid that related a computer attack on their systems that had prevented them from providing services for hours. The alleged perpetrator recorded his authorship, by means of a message that could be read on the screens of the rental management devices themselves located on the street.

Later, the investigators learned of new attacks, such as the one perpetrated against a Spanish consultancy in charge of providing computer support to important companies, thanks to the fact that the investigated used a self-purchase system in a fast-food chain to obtain data from different Business. 

They verified that in the full force of the state of alarm the hacker had published in one of his profiles the image of a health application destined to the prescription of tests and recipes. In this new attack, personal data of several people were compromised. In other crimes, information was obtained from the education management platforms of various ministries with personal data of students and teachers. 

This hacker adopted meticulous and extensive self-protection measures, but the agents managed to identify him and locate him in a central Madrid district, from which he boasted that he was going to carry out new and important cyber attacks. The agents found numerous evidence of the events investigated in the home search, highlighting the existence of software tools to commit cyberattacks.

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