Ex-Dark Web Cyber Criminal Answers A Few Questions About The dark web and How it Operates 

Ex-Dark Cyber Criminal named PIZZA BAGEL who was executive business director of an extremely large illegal enterprise that made well over eight digits on the dark web.

We ask a few questions about The dark web and How it Operates 

Is It Illegal To Go On The Dark Web?

It is not Illegal to go both on the dark or the deep web. You can sign up and you can freely browse any large darknet marketplace Researchers, law enforcement and normal citizen do it all the time without any legal repercussions. Where the trouble starts is when you start buying things, shipping things and distributing content. that is where you will get into trouble.

Is The Dark Web Bigger Than The Clear Net?

"yes, The dark web is significantly bigger than the clear net, on average about four to 500 times larger than the clear net.

Is Red Room Real?

A red room is a room commonly painted red, where you can live steam the murder, torture of an individual. Well I can't say nothing exists, but I'm sure someone has done it I personally have never heard of it, never seen it, never heard of it talk about and I've even been in bets that they don't exist I bet someone to go find one and show it to me and they couldn't, maybe they do exists and when you hear about them, they're often private and not a public done thing.

Can you Hire A Hitman On The Dark Web?

while one or two might exit and with hitmen it is moral, so hitman is the real thing from history and still in reality but they are not remotely common. The hitman that you hear about, more are with the internal people, so it would be, When you had organised crime with large gangs, it would gang sending one of their members to go do it. But these freelance guys who are taking large sums of cash to do it. Never seen or heard of that in practice.

Is The Dark Web Evil?

I would have to mostly disagree with that. The deep web helps to support journalists and people in censors-prone countries, where it can help to get information out and help information in like Movies and spread awareness, especially western culture. So I would say I don't believe it is evil because it does mostly have positive intentions.

Are There Secret Layers to the Dark Web?

YES and NO, the dark web is accessed through a browser called TOR, IT called the Onion router, similar to an onion, there are layers while there re different parts and they do tend to clump together, I would not say it like a layer to layer

Can You Buy Password and Credit Card Information on The Dark Web?

YES  and NO, you can buy passwords. credit card information, social security number and a lot of stuff .and if you are afraid of that I would heavily recommend using a password locker application, they are there to protect you. The people most affected by theses security breaches are people who don't take their security seriously.

Are there Certain Sectors To The Deeper Dark Web That are Isolated From The Rest Of The World?

Yes, and No, There are communities that arent large then to be internet forums where people can basically build off each other and usually dedicated to something certain, so you have hackers and you have people who wanna go find Atlantis, you have people who operate on the darknet about hoe the moon landing was fake because they don't want Nasa to come and assassinate them, you do get these hidden sectors but they're not as hidden as much as they are isolated due to the outlandishness of the subject.

The dark web is something that has a lot of rumours about it and it's seen in a very negative light. and I think that we need to overcome it. the dark web started and still largely operates a safe space for people to convey ideas, messages, without fear of repercussions .and they one big thing that I wanna hit home and I hope everyone can take home after reading this is that the dark web is not a dark mode enable.it not a scary background with lines of code going around . it a very nice and clean interface, so the deep and dark web host is a safe space I think that we need to reduce the stigma behind it.


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