Canadian eCommerce Giant Shopify Rogue Employee Stealing Customers Information

Well, it appears some support staff members of Canadian eCommerce giant Shopify went rogue stealing customers information from over 200 Shopify store.

The company have terminated these people's access to the network and says they're working with the FBI and international agencies to investigate the criminal acts. And also state that there is so far no evidence that data has been used but it's still early in the investigation.

The employee was allegedly targeting information such as name, email address as well as potential things like order details service and product that were been purchased but it does not appear at least at this point that any of financial data like credit card numbers were involved.

Shopify, of course, has benefited from surge in online sales resulting from the pandemic and seems unlikely that this will shake customer loyalty because the breach wasn't a result of a technical vulnerability but rogue employees and so far shares on the stock market really aren't taking a hit at this point.

Again 200 merchants here, Shopify does have more than a million customers and didn't say which of those merchants may have been compromised but the company has a big list partner including amazon.

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