New Twitter Security Vulnerability In Android Leak Private Messages

New Twitter Security Vulnerability In Android Leak Private Messages

A new security vulnerability was revealed by Twitter on Wednesday. The privacy information of Twitter users using Android OS versions 8 as well as 9 could have been exposed to a security vulnerability.

“This vulnerability could allow an attacker, through a malicious app installed on your device, to access private Twitter data on your device (like Direct Messages) by working around Android system permissions that protect against this,”

 Twitter says there is no provided evidence that hackers have taken advantage of this vulnerability. The company has started to inform its users about vulnerability. Now announcing to Twitter users using Android  8 and 9 to update their twitter app to receive the patch of this vulnerability.

This vulnerability was disclosed a weeks after 130 verified  Twitter accounts were hijacked by hackers for Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin scam. Twitter also revealed earlier this week the possibility that the Federal Trade Commission might charge up to $250 million to make use of personal data generated by users for national security reasons for advertising purposes.


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