GandCrab Ransomware Distributor Arrested in Belarus

GandCrab Ransomware Distributor Arrested in Belarus

United kingdom and Romania Cyber Division law enforcement officials recently detected one of the agents behind the notorious GandCrab Ransomware attack.

The man which was arrested was a partner with developers from GandCrab, and was in charge of infection individual and co-operate computers and receiving profit from every payment being made by the victim{(just like Affiliate marketing) but this case he is the one distributing the malware }.

From 2018-2019, GandCrab Ransomware impacted more than 54,000 computers around the globally and received $2 billion in ransom, average is $2.5 million a week. 

Operators behind the GandCrab have publicly stated that they have completely shut down their operations after they managed to earn $150 million annually.

Same months after they announced they retirement they also released a ransomware Decryptor for all version of the Grabcrab Ransomware.

There are several victims recruited by associates of GandCrab who have received 60 percent to 70 percent profit for the ransom payments they are responsible for(gand crab Ransomware made it services has an affiliate network like Amazon where people refer and get commission for every thing they purchased you the affiliated link) but in their case the agent infected you pc with Ransomware and yout computer will generate a unique and a dark web URL to visit in other to gain the unlocking code but the thing is the unique which been generated by you pc is the affiliate code of the agent who infected you pc }.

Many ransomware like REvil or Sodinokibi have emerged ever since the GandCrab terminate it operations. 


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