Formal Uber Security Chief Joe Sullivan Charged For Covering Up Data Breach

Formal Uber  Security Chief  Joe Sullivan Charged For Covering Up Data Breach

FTC: Federal Trade Commission 

Uber's former chief security officer, Joe Sullivan was accused by the United State federal prosecutors for covering up the biggest cyber attack   In 2016.

The 2016 Uber's data breach revealed customers names, email addresses, telephone number and  57 million uber drivers and their driver's license of almost 600.000 drivers, and Sullivan "took concerted measures to hide, confuse, and deceive the Federal Commission on the infringement".

Earlier in 2017, Sullivan ended his career with uber, Which gave the judicial department a flow to issue his arrest. Today, Sullivan was charged with obstructing justice and imprisonment of a felony before the Federal court.

Sullivan received an email from a hacker on 14 November 2016, about 10 days after delivery of his evidence to the FTC, telling him that Uber had once again been abused.

Within 24 hours of receiving the complaint, Sullivan's team was able to confirm the breach. Sullivan is reportedly taking concerted measures rather than disclosing the violation in 2016 to avoid FTC awareness of the violation.

Uber paid a ransom of  $100,000 in cryptocurrency to the hackers, but they declined to include the true names of their hackers in December 2016. Eventually, in November 2017, Uber's new management uncovered the verity and officially revealed the breach to the FTC. 

Two of the individual who were involved in this breach were found by the hackers and, according to court records, Uber named two. In an effort to log difficult payment as an incentive, the organization paid the ransom via a bug-bounty scheme.

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