Egyptian Government: Jailed 5 TikTok Influencers Over Indecent Content

An Egyptian court has decided to jail five women's social media influence, influencers or content that supposedly violated Egyptian model code. Two prominent TikTok stars and three others involved in managing their account are being years sentences. They've also been asked to pay a fine of egp300,000 that's the equivalent of about $18,000 each. The 20 yrs old Hana Hassam was arrested in the month of April after she posted a video encouraging women to build a friendship with men over TikTok.

In her video, Hassam also told her followers that girls cloud actually earn money by working with her. Another influencer Mawada al-Adham was charged for posting what was described as indecent photographs now these were some that she's posted on social media.

The five women faced separate charges over the source of their funds of most of which presumably come from their work as influencers on social media. Now Aladdin's lawyer has confirmed that they will be filing an appeal against the verdict, Recently the Egyptian government has been cracking down on singers and dancers on social media, public figures have been charged for posting videos that the government now deems to be suggestive and rather racy.

Last month an Egyptian court had sentenced a prominent belly dancer to 3yrs in prison on charges of inciting debauchery. In reality, all she did was post a dancing video on TikTok.

Egypt's loose definition of what constitutes a moral code violation helps the government control social media activity, Any account with more than 5000 can be and is monitored by the government.

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