Best Information Security & Ethical Hacking Books

Today I will share with you the best hacking books I enjoy reading while learning so much. I will constantly update the list as I read more But you may already have enough hacking books to get you started in the Information Security Industry. It also contains some advanced hacking books for those who wanna level their hacking skills.

Web hacking 101;  How to make money hacking ethnically.

This is a hacking book for bug bounty hunters. Peter Yarskey introduce bug bounty hunting to beginners and pragmatically explain the different vulnerabilities for each one he gives examples of reports from hackers one's activity. Which is where hackers one want bug bounty reports to get published. At the end of the book, he shares a bounty methodology using well-known tools. 

It is the first hacking book I read when I started doing bug bounty hunting. You can get a free copy when you register an account on Hackers one. This book can be read in one day and if you are a beginner in the bug bounty field give it a try you won't be disappointed.

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This is the first hacking book I have ever read about penetration testing and it was very helpful. If you have limited knowledge and want to get started on your hacking skills this is a must-read book. I had practically zero knowledge of ethical hacking and penetration testing but this hacking book opened my eye wide open. 

It teaches penetration testing as a methodical approach, explains each step at a time. During each phase, you will learn the different concepts tools and techniques that every penetration tester uses in real-life engagements.

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If you want to learn and practice low-level programming and exploitation of buffer overflow vulnerabilities this book is for you. I remember tackling the buffer overflow challenges on root me and this book gave me a strong boost and was able to easily understand how they work what protections usually mitigate them and how to bypass those mitigations as well.

In fact, it starts easy and covers programming in C and bash scripting. It explains various communication protocols and how to interact with them but the meat of the book is a buffer overflow. The author has great teaching skills that will make you understand the concepts behind the buffer overflow before you know it. It illustrates them with simple examples that you can replicate using the live Cd that comes with the book.

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Written by Kelvin Mitch: Known as the world most wanted hacker

when I barely started exploring the world of hacking I came across Kelvin Mitnick dubbed as the Most wanted hacker.

I wanted to know how he earned that thing so I read this book which is basically autobiography. Throughout the thrilling chapters, Kelvin Mitnick tries to rehabilitate his image by explaining the details about his hacking journey they include why and how he hacked many companies, How he has been monitoring the FBI agents who follow him, how he hacked the prison phone systems and how he has faked his identity many times. It not a hacking book in the sense that it doesn't teach technical concepts but it a great read full of thrilling moments if you want to explorer the inner working of a hacker mindset.

Plus you will learn why hacking outside the law can be troublesome.

Read more on Kelvin Mitnick: How The FBI Caught The Worlds Most Wanted Hackers

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This hacking book is the bible of web application hacking, if you seriously want to learn how to hack web applications this book is a must. I read it two times and it so heavy.

It presents different angles to attack every web application throughout the book the author illustrates some real-world examples Present different payloads and explain the hacking concepts in a very detailed way from application mapping to business logic editors, you will learn it all.

I will suggest you take time to read and grasp each chapter also take notes while reading as it would help you where each topic is located when you want to revisit it and trust me you will.

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