17 yrs old and two others were arrested behind the biggest twitter hack

Prosecutors in the U.S have charged 3 people for their role in hacking twitter accounts of several celebrities and high profile twitter account for using their account people out of money in the name of a Cryptocurrency scam.

The U.S has filled criminal charges a suspected 17-year-old boy from Florida the prosecutor alleges that the teenage Graham Evan Clarke from Tampa is the mastermind of this twitter hack.

The authorities also said that the teenager was responsible for duping people and taking more than $100 thousand in the guise of cryptocurrency scheme, in addition, the federal prosecutors have also filed a case two other people 19yeard old Mason sheperd from Britain and 22 years old Nima fazeli from Florida with wire fraud, money laundering and hacking charges.

"but make no mistake this was not an ordinary 17yrs old kid, this was a highly sophisticated attack on a magnitude not seen before, it cloud have been an extremely high amount of loss the fact that it was just over a $100 thousand in one is because it was caught pretty quickly "

Expert in the agency probing the incident claim that the on the twitter profiles were a combination of technical breaches and social engineering that allow hackers to take over the accounts of several politicians, musicians, actors and other celebrities.

The target of the hack were famous people such as Microsoft founder bill gate, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Amazon Ceo Jeff Bezos, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and even formal U.S president Barrack Obama.


In response to the hacking microblogging and social media, giant twitter has that the attack resulted from a phone spear phishing that enables hackers to take control of the twitter accounts. The hackers targeted a total of 130 twitter accounts managed to tweet using 45 accounts, access the inbox of 36 accounts and downloaded data from at least 7 accounts. 

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