United State Government to Ban TikTok and Other Chinese Apps

United State Government to Ban TikTok

The United State government may ban TikTok soon. On Monday, July 6th US Secretary of state  Mike Pompeo appeared on Fox News where he stated that the united state government is :
"Seriously considering banning TikTok and other Chinese apps from citizens phones".

This unprecedented move is all in relations to privacy concerns. Tiktok has millions of user data related to people in the United State. The problem right now is TikTok parent company the Beijing based Byte Dance now  Us Lawmakers fear that byte dance could be pressured by the Chinese governments to share users data which cloud then exploit for its own gain and that cloud be a very dangerous recipe. We talk a lot about election interference from other countries and this cloud be a way that china cloud does that in the future or simply just exploit American vulnerabilities by understanding what it is we want to see and then giving it to has. In response to this Tiktok issued to the statement 
"Tiktok is Led by an American Ceo, with hundreds of employee and key leaders across safety, Security, Product and public Policy here in the U.S. We have no higher priority than promoting a safe and secure app experience for our users. We have never provided user data to the Chinese government, nor would we do so if asked ."

Now this Headline follows a similar story last week which resulted in India banning TikTok and WeChat along with other Chinese applications over similar privacy concerns. A concern that it's worth nothing TikTok also denies.

Now, what important to put into context just how popular TikTok is a global scale, more than half a billion people use TikTok every single month and well over billion people have downloaded the app worldwide. In the united stated over a quarter of everyone age 24 to, 36 are looking at the app on an almost daily basis , and they spend a lot of time swing videos, all that time spent is teaching the TikTok algorithms hot to understand our consumer behavior it's learning what kind of music we like what kind of people makes us click on things what kind of people we immediately swipe past,  what kind of thing we like in terms of outdoor vs indoors, clothing and all sort of other random technical aspects that all add up to really interesting very complete depiction of what we want as consumers.

That information can be used in a million different ways often to sell us things or pushed as to believe things that we may not have otherwise considered and the danger lies in that information getting into the hands of someone who want to leverage it for their personal gain.

That is the concern with pretty much all date online getting out when it comes to something like TikTok which understand hundreds of data points about its users. It's especial concerns that somebody might want to access that. Now it unclear what will happen from this point forward but we gonna continue covering this story here because TikTok is obviously becoming a major force in the music industry.
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