UK , US and Canada Accused Russian hackers for Spying on COVID-19 vaccine Research

Today Intelligence agency form the US CANADA  and Britain say Russian hackers are at it again. This time the Russian is accused of trying to steal research on Covid-19 vaccine.

Despicable is what the British government put it, lasing out the Russian spies for trying to steal vital COVID-19 vaccine research. An endeavour blamed on the Russian government is self-targeting labs and medical facilities in the UK, US and Canada state. Back- hackers are known as APT29 for advance Preistent threat.

APT29 has been around a long time and it's been responsible for attack all over the world  ( a series of attack that includes hacking into the DNC and stealing email ahead of the 2016 elections. Now it targeting COVID-19 vaccine from front runner like oxford university in the Us. 

Investigate in here(US) won't say if any information was stolen but no damage have been done.
The Russian Government denied any wrongdoing and insisted that they are getting close to their Covid-19 vaccine of their own.

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