EvilQuest - A ransomware That Targets Mac Computers

EvilQuest - A ransomware That Targets Mac Computers

The malware is known such as "ThiefQuest" or Evil Quest also contains spyware capabilities that enable it to grab passwords and credit card numbers.

This malware which was discovered, it's very unusual and uncommon to find malware on mac. This one is pretty bad because it got a ransomware component but also have a whole remote administration tool kit built into it. Once you get infected with this malware Hackers complete and Total access to your systems and information they can use it to springboard it's. this a featured-packed malware package making it the most advance malware discovered this year. But One thing you don't have to worry about is getting infected with this malware by accident.

CLarification:    This malware is been distributed right now in bit torrents of bootleg software.  Ex. if you wanna get Adobe Photoshop but don't wanna pay Adobe for it and you visit a BitTorrent, download and install a bootleg copy there's is a good chance you will find the "ThiefQuest' Malware Package.

So when you install it Obviously it has to be an administrator to software which lead to you install the malware with Admin privileges and your machine get infected.
At this point you can't trust your system any more you will need to format and restore from a time machine backup unless backup was attached to your system when you got infected in this case you are screwed.

Has explained by EvilQuest's ransom note, this ransomware lock users documents, photos, videos and etc. by encrypting them with AES-256 algorithm.
It informed that it is impossible to decrypt files without having to pay a ransom. In a case like Evil ransomware paying them ransom will not lead to successful decryption of compromised files. this ransomware is a wiper, meaning even after paying the ransom you still won't have your files decrypted by Cybercriminals. Is strongly recommend to not trust the cybercriminals behind this attack EvilQuest - A ransomware that Targets Mac Computers.
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