Over 4000 Cyber Attack In 5 Days: China Targeting India Cyber Space

Over 4000 Cyber Attack In 5 Days, China Targeting India Cyber Space

India and China are also facing off in the digital battlefield since the tension along Lac escalated there has been a mega sarge in Chinese sponsors cyber attacks for India from bank to infrastructure sectors to smartphone companies as well.

 There been all of the targets of hackers, can India build a firewall against china's hacking attempt, there have been over 4000 Cyber Attack In 5 Days after the board of face-off china is now targeting India cyberspace.
India infrastructure and banking sectors have been under attack Maharashtra police said the India government sectors still remain vulnerable. 

According to Singapore based cyber threat intelligence firm, the sectors that were targeted for cyberattack into the telecom, pharma, media companies smartphone manufactures, construction and tyre companies. The Analysis shows that the hackers particularly targeted 3 government ministries foreign affairs, Defence and information and Broadcasting.

It not just India Australia government and private website have also come under subsurface china sponsor cyber attack. Expert says India need to build a strong Firewall and fast.
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