New Intel Vulnerability allow Hackers to Steal Sensitive Data

Intel CPU chip is vulnerable to a new threat or attack called SGAxe that violates Intel System application  Guard (SGX) security guarantees enclaves. This bug meant to attack and leak sensitive data from Intel processors. 

The vulnerability is an advancement of the CacheOut attack previously recorded by researchers from the University of Michigan, Adelaide University and which was known has DataCacheOut (CE-2020-0549 ).

Certain Intel processors are capable of reaching unauthorized attackers located on the targeted computers for public disclosure because of clean-up flaws in certain data cache evictions, researchers say. This vulnerability can be used to attack laptops/computers using  Intel's 9th generation processors. 

SGAxe affects only the  Intel processors because of the Intel SGX functionality. Intel stated that there haven't had any evidence that this vulnerability has used in public.

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