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Microsoft Refuse to Sell Facial Recognition Software to United State Police Department
Microsoft announced that it will sell face recognition software to police Until human rights security is assured. Lies after Floyd died who died in police custody in Minneapolis. Microsoft was criticized for endorsing a proposal of facial recognition in California, by ACLU and Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Amazon and other big tech giant had announced already that they would not sell their recognition software to the police. The first thing Microsoft does with the police is unclear, as is the extent to which the technology giant is going to scale down its work with them. Microsoft announced it's doesn't want to sell the facial recognition software to US police departments. Microsoft Spokesperson stated :
"We will not sell this technology to police departments until there is a strong national law grounded in human rights"
But more curious is that he did not address any questions about whether they have sold facial recognition to international police or federal agencies in the US.

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