Maze Ransomware Operator Claim to Have Breach & Lock LG network

Hackers behind maze ransomware report that they have stolen confidential data from LG Electronics including a major deal with LG & telecommunication  United States company (AT&T).  How Maze ransomware operators were able to gain entry to LG Servers is still unknown. They shared several screenshots which have a fractional archive of  KDZ file and is believed to be the official LG firmware.

Maze Ransomware operator shared a brief of the attack with hackers Review
"Also, we would like to announce that in case of not contacting us today we will share information about attack on Lg. We downloaded 40GB of Python source codes from Lg. Developments for a biggest companies in US, we will share part of source code on Lg later" 

So far only three screenshots had been provided by Maze ransomware operators to proof their breach to LG Electronics.we so sorry can't share all the images here some contain sensitive information.
We still trying to get in touch with LG to confirm whether what maze ransomware Operator stated on their webpage is true.

Protect Yourself  From Ransomware

  • Do not share your personal data, including telephone, email or SMS financial data.
  • Use strong and complex passwords and Enforce Multi-factor Authentication.

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