How Allow Hackers to Use Smart Home Device to Spy on You

I know most of you have the idea that this isn't possible. Some will even say they didn't even realize that some could have access to that. But in reality, everyone can have access to that.
On this website, that searches out and shows security cameras, that are using default password settings.

There are tens of thousands of them, steam from across the world, and people don't know that these cameras can be accessed by anybody.
The website says it trying to expose security issues but these homeowners are the ones being exposed. The steps which you may actually think is for security may be causing harm . and What exactly have people seen?
So, how did the privacy of these homeowners get so violated?

In the North, America homes are being transformed, by so-called smart devices that promised to make things more convenient, and more secure. Its automated control of everything from light and locks to our TVs and temperature.
In Canada alone, more than 200 million of these devices are connected to the internet. But there is a downside.
Many people don't know how to secure their smart devices, allowing hackers and pranksters to invade their homes and their privacy. The Darkside of this new technology might not occur to most. What I realised from my research show over 40% of people who purchase security cameras to the homes also check for security which leads them to purchase from top brands that promise has a priority. The question here? is: Cloud devices like these actually make us more vulnerable?

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