Darkweb Hosting Provider Database Leaked

Darkweb Hosting Provider Database Leaked

The Daniels Hosting (DH), the largest web hosting company for dark web services, database has been leaked by a hacker known has KingNull. This leaked detail contains a total of 3,671 e-mail addresses, 7,205 passwords, and 8,580 private website domain keys. 

Based on the hack, the leaked data could be used to identify owners of leaked e-mail addresses to certain deep web websites. The gathered data can also threaten owners of reformist sites and lawmakers, that could have disastrous implications if these individuals can't make the requisite efforts to protect their privacy, and had their identity disclosed to authoritarian governments.

This attack was DH 's second data breach. Around November 2018, the website got compromised of which the attacker penetrated the site's backend database and deleted all domains and its content. Leading to over   6,500 websites have been wiped, however, no data was ever leaked. On March 26, DH site was shut down, but DH is not the only dark web hosting which has been a hack or has their data breach. 


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