Cardplanet Operator pleaded guilty Facing 9-years In Prison

A Russian man accused of running an online marketplace devoted to credit card fraud & other cybercrimes pleaded guilty on Thursday,(25 June 2020), prosecutors said.
In December 2015, he was detained at  Ben-Gurion international airport,  in Israel, 2 years even before Israel authorities requested a handover request, resulting in two more years of the investigation against an extradition request heard both at Israel supreme court and Israel high Court.

Prosecutor stated that he ran a website called "card planet" in which stolen debit card and credit card was sold & that the stolen data resulted in more than $20 million in fraudulent purchase on U.S. cards.he also allegedly ran another site where people advertised-personal information, malicious software & other criminal services.

Russian officials objected to the extradition, Israeli officials have suggested Russia sought burkov's released by offering an exchange for Naama Issachar, a 26-year-old Israeli woman who received seven years prison sentence in Moscow on marijuana charge, The associated press reported.
The US attorney's office said that burkov face a maximum of 15 years when he is sentenced on May 8.
A plea agreement also says that burkov is eligible to be deported after he serves any sentence & that he will not contest removal from the country.

A statement of fact filed in the case stated burkov operated card planet from October 2011 through at least August 2013 and that the site sold stolen card information from virtually all major us payment cards.
Burkov also created a checker to encourage customers to validate any debit card or credit card they purchase from his store. Customers could also search the site ensure that the stolen cards they bought can be used in the same stated where the victim lived, so to avoid fake/fraudulent purchase from online stores and making it harder from them to detect.

His other Website called "Direct Connection" Which is a secure forum for elite cybercriminals only with strictly invitation only to meet and plane their crimes".

Cardplanet Operator pleaded guilty Facing 9-years In Prison
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