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A young Nigerian Entrepreneur Has Been Arrested by The Federal Bureau for the Alleged Fraud of $11 Million

Businessman and entrepreneur Obinwanne Okeke pleaded guilty after he is been accused of a conspiracy of wire fraud. he is one of the most well-known entrepreneur in Africa even listed on 30 of 30 Forbes entrepreneur in Africa. He is facing twenty years in prison after admitting guilt to the case at hand.  

It all started when the Fbi Received a complaint from unitrack (UK subsidence of Heavy equipment manufacture Caterpillar).
They said Mr Okeke has gain authorised access to the email account of the chief financial officer and was behind a series of fake invoices totalling 11million dollars.

Mr Okeke has investments in real estate development, energy and construction and his company Invictus Group operate in Nigeria, South Africa & Zambia. He won Africa most innovative investment company of the year award and mr.okeke was nominated for the all African business leaders award for young business leader African most prestigious award for businessmen.

In the set of investigation, US authorities have charge, 80 people, most of who are Nigerian nation stealing millions on dollars using a variety of fraud late means including phishing and romance fraud many of the victims where elderly. The Prosecutor said it one of the largest cases of his kind in US History with 250 charges against the 80 suspect

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