Ukraine Hacker arrested For Selling Billions of Stolen Credentials

                Ukraine  Hacker arrested  For Selling Billions of Stolen Credentials
Yesterday Ukraine Secret Service 'SSU' have arrested a hacker known has Sanix (a.ka. Sanixer), accused of selling billions of stolen records on Hacking forum, dark web and on telegram. SSU stated they arrested sanix in western Ukraine a city called  Ivano-Frankivsk. Data broker is what cybersecurity expert will call sanix meaning; when data from hacked companies were collected from public records.

Sanix assembles a collection of Collection # 1, # 2, # 3, # 4, # 5, Antipublic, and others, first known as a user and password combos. Such samples were terabytes of data and billions of identical combinations of username and password.
However, USS stated it clear that most of the Credentials leaks are from other data broker called Azatej who has a member of the infinity Black hacking group who got busted by Europol two weeks ago.

Copies of Collection # 1 were found on the computer of Sanix by SSU together with at least 7 related databases of hacked and broken login credentials. Investigators in Ukraine said Sanix 's computer not only stored information on PIN codes for bank cards but crypto-currency wallets, has well has PayPal accounts said SSU officers who retrieved 2 TB of data ($3000) from the Sanix residence after the home investigation. SSU agency said they searched the Ukrainian hryvnia (~$7,000) from the Ukrainian house. 


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