The New Android Malware "Mandrake" To steal Your Data

Each and everyday there  are different malware that shows up and each with it own unique style. On the 15-05-20  Cybersecurity firm Bitdefender reported a new Android  Malware called Mandrake of which to the report have been there since 2016(Google Playstore).

List of App Affected With The Mandrake Malware

  • Abfix
  • Coincast
  • Car News
  • Noroskrope
  • SnapTune Vid
  • Office Scanner
  • Currency AE Conventor
All this apps where found in different sections on Google Playstore Category and the most interesting part os that the hackers behind this malware  also have a facebook page which they always respond  to every user complaint and fix  the issues which been reported making the app  look legits  .

Once activated, it can steal cryptocurrencies and applications credentials such as Facebook, manipulate text messages, enable screen recording, send notifications, track the user's location, initiate calls along with even factory-resetting a phone to remove any traces of its existence.

 This is an example of the lisense agreement  asking the user to agree( but in terms the only thing the user is agreeing on is allowing the hacker to gain android systerm authority or full control of the device  .

For now all the app affect have been removed from the Playstore but this still tells has that if such an app can remain undetected for such a long time 2016-2020 affecting million of users .

Tip:Alway check the app you wanna download even if it from Playstore or Appstore and make sure you needed that app.Advice is to install an Antivirus to keep your Mobile safe from this treat.


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