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Kaspersky Released A Ransoware Decryptor for shade

Last night Kaspersky a cyberseurity firm and anti-virus software provider ,Annouce that they have released a Ransomware decryptor for the world most none Ransomware called Shade-Ransomware.Shade Ransomware is one of the oldest ransomware family to start infecting victims since 2014 and has been known to become the most centralized ransomware to be distributed via email.

Last week Shade team annouce on github   that they have stop distribution of their Ransomware at the end of  2019 and also annouce releasing over 750,000 decrypting keys for all thier victims .
Kaspersky, whom released a decryptor for previous versions of Shade, had now modified his decryptor to support all launched keys, so that all victims could decrypt their files.

   How it Work

If you have been Affected by shade Ransomware ,you can visit Kaspersky website to Download the decrypter for free on the affected computer or laptop .

Once it finish Downloading start the program & agree to the terms
Kaspersky Released A Ransoware Decryptor

after the program finished your all your files will be decrypted 
Kaspersky Released A Ransoware Decryptor
Kaspersky Released A Ransoware Decryptor

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