Romania Police Busted PentaGuard Hackers Crew

 Romania Police Busted PentaGuard Hackers Crew
 Romania authority DIICOT announced that 4 Hackers from the PentaGraud hacking group have been arrested on Saturday. This group have been known since 2000, this group became famous when they successfully launch an attack on a series of  Australia Government website.

In the Arrest 3 hackers of the Group where the arrested of in Romain while the fourth one was held in the Republic of Moldova.

The data collected up until now revealed that they are intending to begin ransomware attacks in the foreseeable future, in some public health institutions in Romania, usually in hospitals, using a social engineering toolkit. They also wanted to submit a malicious and executable code from the families of computer viruses Locky or BadRabbit. The malicious script code is then downloaded automatically to the existing computer, creating data encryption and thereby eliminating the computers to communicate, DIICOT stated in their post

DIICOT also stated that PentaGraud During their long term in operations, PentaGuard hackers considered themselves untraceable. This is why they never bothered in covering their digital footprints online. 


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