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Pre-installed  Android  malware found in over  5 million Android Devices

Malware covered up as 'wifi system' app, just about 5 million mobile devices have already been infected worldwide. Over the last 10 days, Malware alone has made its developers over $115,000. Dozens of IoT devices already were transformed into a massive Botnet network.

 The researchers believe that all devices affected were dispatched to Tian Pai, a cellphone dealer premised in Hangzhou. That malicious ads malware pushes an adware feature to all infected android smartphone, which shows ads upon this main screen of the device, either pop-up windows or full-screen advertising to gain fraudulent advertising revenue for it developer.

 CheckPoint noticed two bits of pre-installed malware compromised with Samsung , LG, Htc, Asus, Nexus, Oppo and Lenovo. Below are the affected app with the android adware 
Go to Android  Settings > application and check if any of this app is on your mobile device just uninstall 

  •  Androï
  • com.changmi.launcher
  • com.system.service.zdsgt

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