New Bluetooth Vulnerabilities Found In All Devices

New Bluetooth Vulnerabilities Found In All Devices

According to academic researchers in Switzerland, a new vulnerability in the Bluetooth protocol was discovered. This vulnerable can  enable an attacker to compromise a remotely paired user , Leaving millions of devices at risk .The attack is called BIAS, and the attacking device must be located within the wireless range of a Bluetooth vulnerable device.

 The Bluetooth Special Interest Group revised the Bluetooth Core Requirements and proposed crypto-type cross-checks. The group encouraged users to install the most recent updates from the manufacturers of their devices and systems.

It is strongly recommended by Bluetooth SIG that vendors ensure that the encryption key length is not reduced to 7 octets. Wearable devices such as smart speaker, fitness and health tracker and intelligent home helpers communicate on mobile devices with apps. 

This vulnerabilities include communicating with mobile apps via Bluetooth Low Energy devices, a type of Bluetooth used in modern gadgets. Studies have previously shown that mobile applications that work with Bluetooth devices have an incorporated architecture flaw.
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