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New Android Malware "WolfRAT" Hijack your  WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & Other Social Media Messages
A new Android malware has been found to exploit messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. The malware, named WolfRAT, has recently been found in campaigns aiming at Thai citizens. the malware was found to be under active development. Cybersecurity   Researchers are persuaded of the malware run by Wolf Research, a spyware company based in Germany that produces and sells state spyware. Researchers believe that the vector of the infection was through phishing links sent to phones by email and phishing links.

The server domain C2 is sited in Thailand with rebuttals to Thai food, creating a concept about what the lure might be.  "the chat contains some confidential details on chat history, WhatsApp logs, messengers and SMSs from around the globe," researchers said.

At least four major WolfRAT releases were identified by researchers, has under active development,  since January 2019. Later malware versions actively search the activities of Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Line. oThe malware will take a screenshot and send it to the attacker on   C2 once these apps are opened. Continuous addition and deletion of packages along with an enormous amount of unused code, "identifies an amateur strategy for creation," researchers say.

This malware is just like DenDroid Android Malware discovered in 2014, which It includes spy instructions that allow you to take photos and videos, record audio and upload photos.

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