Hacker Hide Cryptominer Script in Taylor swifts Photos

 Hacker Hide Cryptominer Script in Photos
Security Reachers from Sophos a cybersecurity firm discovered a crypto-miner(monero) payload malware was hidden Taylor swifts photo which been widely shared on social media & emails

Researchers noted that the MyKingz team are currently using techniques in encryption the conceal malicious files inside genuine ones. The group hiding a malicious EXE within a JPEG photo of Taylor Swift has been uncovered.

Sophos claims attackers behind is the  MyKingz group who are targeting Windows computers to install various cryptocurrency-mining applications. The group detects weak hosts to deploy malware payloads on vulnerable systems and gets access to infected computers.

According to the security firm Japan, China, Taiwan, Russia, Brazil India and the USA are the top countries which are widely affected by MyKingz payload.

MyKingz isn't the only group to use this technic called steganography(the practice of concealing messages or information within other non-secret text or data.)
Hackers use steganography to hide malicious code within an image/audio/text file that is primarily used to mask their malvertising activity by using kits.

Mykinz botnet has been to have affected over 500 thousand windows machine with the first month of its release which the creator earns over $2.3 million worth of monero .

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