“EventBot” Android Malware Which Steal your Credentials and Personal Information

Researchers from CERT-In discovered the most Dangerous malware in Android history. Researchers say once it been installed the malware will be able to affect more than 200 various financial applications, including, Remittance, cryptocurrency wallets, banking, Revolut, Barclays, CapitalOne, HSBC, Santander, TransferWise and Coinbase, etc. If you have been on the internet for a while you will probably no that this information which been collected by the app could be used for Identity theft.

Hacker disguised the malware with several icons as a legitimate program and uploaded it to the rebel APK stores as well as other questionable websites

The app is known to be targeting users from the Unites State & Europe at the time of writing, the hackers can access the victim's bank accounts using a password and two-factor code, they obtain.
The malware secretly monitors each touch of both the tap and key and can read messages from other installed devices, allowing the hackers a window on what is happening on the phone of a victim.

tip: Always Install apps from Authorize / Approved App store 


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