1-800-FLOWERS Canadian Website Injected With Credit Card Stealing Malware

            1-800-FLOWERS Canadian Website Injected With Credit Card Stealing Malware
1-800-FLOWERS e-commerce platform fell victim to Magecart for over 4 years. The California Attorney General's Office reported the infringement to 1800Flowers.ca by the Canadian company which stated that over 500 Californians had been affected. In its results for the third quarter of 2018, the company announced $238.5 million.

The total number of users impacted still has not been reported, "says Stephan Chenette, AttackIQ co-founder and CTO." Pay card skimming malware remains a safety threat for retailers around the world. British Airways, Newegg, Kitronik, were victimized all this year Chenette said.

Investigation results indicate that your first and last name, payment card number, expiration date as well as card security code were included in information collected by the attacker

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