Over 500,000 Zoom Accounts Info Sold on Darkweb Hacking Forum

Thousand of Zoom Account sold  on Darkweb for less than a penny(each zoom account cost $0.002). This account credentials include Email,Password , meeting ID and hotkeys. Cyble a cyber-security firm was able to to purchase a large some of the account(530,000) to be able to warning zoom users of their Info leaked .
The hacker who then want to build his Reputation on the forum started to post some of the account for free.
This Account Info (email & password) where shared in a plain text, this account include University of Vermont,University of Dartmouth, University of Florida and many more Institutions etc.
 BleepingComputer   is a cybersecurity news website who told Hackers Review " they where able to contact  the email address leaked on the darkweb hacking Forum ,

They some user told them that the password listed is an old one, It means that some of those credentials are likely to have suffer from older stuffing attacks.


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