New Discover Apple Bugs Steal Your private Message(0-click)

Recently researcher from ZecOps discovered critical most threating bug  found in the bulit in mail app for the apple  devices , Which cloud allow the hacker to take full controll of you email account ex: read ,delete , and modify your email account.
Zuk Avraham chief executive officer said over 5 companies have been targeted by attackers using this  0-click vulnerability found in Mail app.

 Zecops told Hackers Review that the only way this threating attack Cloud came to live(you been affected )  is through a Custom email which contain malicious code sent by the Attacker to it victim.Also said Apple has spend millions of $$$$ just to secure their Iphone when it got launch in 2007 ,all am just saying is Apple bug is difficult to find which make it vulnerable to hackers.

Apple Annouce in a blogpost on the Tuesdays  that a patch will be  released in the next version of their IOS update 13.4.5 .Which they made it care to their users saying until the security issue in the Mail App is fix it advisable to disable it and use the Gmail or Outlook Application.

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