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Hackers Stole Over $25 Million Worth of Crypto-Currency on Two Exchange

Hacker Stole Over $25 million worth of cryptocurrency from lend  a lending platform & uniswap cryptocurrency exchange.Both Attack took place on the weekend Saturday & Sunday, and researcher believed the two attack was carried out the same individual or a group .

The hackers exploited a vulnerability in reentrancy due to the incompatibility of ERC-777 with both smart contracts, in an article provided by PeckShield, a blockchain security company.
Researcher  claims that perhaps the hackers used a vulnerability that OpenZeppelin, (a company that conducts penetration testing for crypto currency platforms), posted on GitHub in July 19. They first used the vulnerability against Uniswap and again used it against Lendf following morning for better result which they succeed , stealing about 99.5 percent of the platform's funds in the process.

The attackers have so far returned all of stolen funds once an IP address was unexpectedly leaked after the attack. Since as well as the dForce Foundation arranged blockchain transactions with the hackers the funds were recovered.

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