Hackers Created Customize Coronavirus Themed For Phishing Attack

hackers Covid-19 Theme

Hackers conducted coronavirus-themed cyberattacks in 241 nations and territories in line with Microsoft's new studies. Every country in the world has noticeable at least one COVID-19 theme attack, of which Microsoft reported  on Wednesday in a  blogpost.
Cyber-criminal  customize their phishing emails and other malware to reference the epidemic, and the attacks hit the hardest in which they hurt the most: hackers turn the heat on a nation that is experiencing the pandemic, when people want online fitness truth, research suggests.

Microsoft study showed over 60,000 emails with malicious attachments or URLs linked to COVID-19.Their study shows the Hackers are taken advantage on COVID-19 , However, on the other end of the spectrum, during lockout, Chinese cyber threats on Companies screamed to an end, simply because hackers could not operate from anywhere.


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