World Popular Hacking Forum "OGUsers" got Hacked Again

OGUsers databased Hacked

OGUsers  most popular hacking forum in the world announce on April 2, 2020 that their database has  been hacked and Database Leaked .The Forum is None has a training Ground for Hackers or Cyber Criminal who mostly deals in Sim Jacking .  The Forum Admin(Ace) said
It appears someone was able to breach the server through a shell in avatar uploading in the forum software and get access to our current database
The hacker is believed to have stolen over 200,000 users info including Username ,Email ,IP Address ,Password ,Source code ,Website Data, And User Private messages. IP address  was one of the most user was mostly think off Cause OGUser has strict rules on The use of Vpn ( mean if your account got login in from other ip address other than the prevision you used to create the account , the account will be banned ) meaning 50% of OGUSER uses their real IP Address
The Hacker who hacked Oguser  uploaded the Database for Download  on rival Hacking Forum

But has i said early this is not the first time OGUsers  have been hacked
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